AGM 2019

Nominations for the AGM have been received and are as follows:

President –            Christine Lowe

Vice President –    Linda Lees

Treasurer –            Karen Schultheiss

Committee –         Margit Cornish

                             Kylie Holzinger

                             Craig Jensen

                             Guenter Koll

                             Deidre Kreyzig

                             Joe Lowe

                             John Osborne

                             Paul Whelan

A PDF Form can be downloaded by using the Link below

2019 – AGM Nominations

Members who cannot attend the AGM are able to cast their vote  by using the Postal Voting Form below. Please click on the Link and download the Form.

Voting Forms must be received by the Secretary of the Club no later than Thursday 29th August, 17:00 hours.

2019 – AGM Postal Vote